Palmyra Internal Affairs Unit

The Palmyra Police Department is committed to providing ethical police services with the highest degree of integrity. Our officers are held to the highest of standards in the performance of their duties as police officers and in their personal lives. They are expected to observe the rights of all citizens. It is the ultimate responsibility of the Palmyra Police Department Internal Affairs Unit that our officers adhere to these standards.

The purpose of the Internal Affairs Policy governing the Palmyra Police Department is to improve the quality of police services. Citizen confidence in the integrity of the police department increases through the establishment of meaningful and effective complaint procedures.

This confidence builds community support for the police department. Improving the relationship between the police and the citizens they serve facilitates cooperation vital to the department’s ability to achieve its goals. An effective disciplinary framework also permits police officials to monitor compliance with department policy and procedures. Adherence to established policies and procedures assist officers in meeting department objectives while a monitoring system permits supervisors to identify problem areas requiring increased training or direction. Finally, the Internal Affairs Policy ensures fairness and due process protection to citizens and officers alike.

The internal affairs process is also used to identify and correct unclear or inappropriate agency procedures. In addition, it will highlight organizational conditions that may contribute to any misconduct, such as poor recruitment and selection procedures or inadequate training and supervision of police officers.

What To Do If You Have A Complaint About A Police Officer

We at the Palmyra Police Department are conscious of our responsibility to our residents. All police officers are trained to be fair, impartial and non-discriminatory in dealing with our residents. If you have a complaint about a police officer, we wish to know about your complaint so we can investigate your allegation.

If you feel you have a complaint, you should:

(After filling out this form, you may bring it back in person, fax it (856-829-8021), regular mail to 20 West Broad Street, Palmyra, NJ 08065, e-mail it to [email protected]